Where do websites get the paparazzi photos from?

Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout

Paparazzi sell their photos to the highest bidder, unless they are contract photographers (like staff photographers- who generally work for one organization). People with desirable photos on their cell phones can sell them too, AND BE PAPARAZZI – on sites like:
Paparazzi work hard at getting celebrity photos, and have to have relationships with middlemen, publications (and their attendant websites), and informers, who “leak” details about where celebrities will be.  This article highlights how many of them work in Hollywood: “How do the paparazzi sell their pics” – Slate.com.
Website Editors and producers are always on the lookout for fresh pictures, so the paparazzi are filling a need, the consumer thirst for anything about their favorite stars!  Candid photos of popular stars and celebrities get these websites more eyeballs, and higher rankings among the fan base and in searches.  This results in more exposure and money from their advertisers.
When a paparazzi has a good photo to sell, He/She contacts the tabloids directly and arranges a price. Or:

Building Your Paparazzi Business -Amazon Books

Thanks for reading this, and keep a sharp eye out for celebrities!

(Should you encounter a celebrity, please be polite and ask for a photo opportunity first.  Most are happy to oblige, and appreciate some respect, as you are profiting from their fame).

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Do celebrities read every Tweet from people Tweeting @ them?

by Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout

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Yes and no. If tweets are a numbers game, no celebrity of note can possibly read all their tweets.
Many celebrities use human and automated assistants, and do personally answer some tweets (don’t count on it happening regularly, though).  It is not uncommon to find some people posing as celebrities and tweeting as them, but they are frequently removed from Twitter.

When the late Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, first tried internet chat rooms, there were already people posing as him and using his name.

This practice is not unique to Twitter;  many bad actors have made accounts in famous peoples names, sometimes in misguided adoration, or to pretend they have some connection to the targeted celebrity.  Legitimate websites have many issues with this, and celebrities who have not copyrighted their names can have legal issues with removing these frauds.  These bogus accounts frequently con people out of real money (Article from UK Daily Mail will open in new window).  This is a reason to be especially vigilant on the internet.

Collected from the Internet:


Many celebrities use their twitter accounts to broadcast their message, announce ticket sales, build their “Brand”, and endorse causes. Reading tens of thousands of twitter responses on a daily basis? I hope not….when would they have time to rehearse, or perform?
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How does Frank Martin in Transporter prevent his spare shirt from creasing in the boot of his car?


I know this may come as a surprise, but – It’s a MOVIE. An act of fiction – a story told in film – It’ s primary goal is to entertain; and the producers frequently take artistic license. The shirt was most likely put in there before he would take it out by an assistant producer. And, I bet there were several “takes”, and they most likely used a few shirts.

Sometimes we can’t reconcile things that don’t make sense to us, especially when “movie magic” is involved.
If it makes you feel better, He puts it in there pressed and ready before he does a job. They most likely deleted that scene because the film was too long. (Fabrication forged in movie Magic).
Enjoy the movie. If this sparks discussion and conversations that are fun and animated, the enjoyment lasts beyond the movie experience.
If you like Star Wars, google “Han Shot first”. That is a passionate topic as well.
Han shot first” is a phrase referring to a controversial change made to a scene in the science fiction film Star Wars (1977), in which Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is confronted by the bounty hunter Greedo (Paul Blake) in the Mos Eisley cantina. – Wikipedia
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What would you tell an actor who is paying more attention to helping children, the Earth, and/or animals than their actual acting career?

(Referring to Alicia Silverstone, and how she left her movie career)

Image result for alicia silverstone
American actress Alicia Silverstone photographed by Jerry Avenaim.
Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone was clearly not getting the support and “push” to develop her career further, so she decided to dedicate herself to causes that she found meaningful. If YOU felt that YOU wanted to see more of her presence in films as an actress, YOU could write to her and suggest that she has a fan base that wants to see her in more projects. Don’t expect her to go out and jump into any film roles – she has goals she set for herself. She obviously has the financial means to pursue her goals, and I wish her well in anything she puts her heart and mind to.

Some actors are in desperate pursuit of stardom, and hardly turn down a role. Think of Nicolas Cage, who will do almost any film, and is a hard working actor that delivers a lot of performances that reward him with a large fan base and the compensation to pay his bills and support his causes.

Nicolas Cage originally posted to Flickr as 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)


Nicolas Cage

Conversely, some actors, like Jim Carrey (as an example) want to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor, and tried so hard he failed miserably; His fans wanted to see the crazy Jim Carrey doing his comedic schtick, and did not care for his dramatic turn. The fans felt dissapointed, and didn’t go to his serious films.

Jim Carrey, Yesman premiere, on Flikr, by Ian Smith, London
Jim Carrey

There are many times I wonder why someone was cast in a role that did not showcase their talents, or watch wonderful and creative actors perform in a few roles and then drop out of sight. Many actors and actresses succumb to mental illness and addiction.

30 Famous Actors and Actresses Who Have Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism – Drug abuse
Hollywood Battles The Stigma Of Mental Illness – Forbes

While we may adore performers who excel in their work – yet are not driven or fulfilled, it is incumbent upon us as fans to let them pursue their careers in and out of performing.
I would advise such actors to follow their path – as a fan I will enjoy their successes, even if it is not my vision for their careers. And if it just happens to be “helping children, the Earth, and/or animals” ? – I say Wonderful! We need more visible, vocal, and motivating voices for these causes.

‘No Man Stands So Tall as When He Stoops to Help a Child.’” – originally attributed to Abraham Lincoln, but there is no record of him actually saying it.

Oprah Winfrey funded an orphanage in South Africa – When it wa involved in scandal, Oprah and her team came in and she personally got involved in helping the children.  The Education Of Oprah Winfrey: How She Saved Her South African School – Forbes

Leonardo DiCaprio on Climate Change; he also started The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation., with $20 million of his own money.

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How can a young person launch their acting career?

#1 Rule:  Don’t stop. If you don’t build momentum and drive, your acting career (no matter how talented you are) will falter.

So ignore the haters, the envious, and the ambivalent. Follow your course, Learn your craft, and also learn complimentary skills; music, athletics, art, singing, etc. Don’t give up on education, either – it’s important. 27 Celebs With PhDs And Other Shockingly Impressive Degrees – Topix.
There are many avenues to success in launching an acting career; television appearances, sitcoms, small theater groups, youtube videos, blogs, and promotion via friends, family, and agents/managers.  Your path will be  be unique, and you have to earn your “acting chops”.  When we see talented people on stage or on screen, we don’t see the hours of work, the rehearsals, the re-writes, and the coaching that factors into the final performance.  Be prepared for invigorating highs, and paralyzing lows, as your career winds its way through auditions, acting gigs, autograph sessions, and more of the “business” of show business.
Even though it is exciting to go “ALL-IN” – DON’T! You need to have a balanced career and skills that will carry you when acting work is scarce; and committing to an acting career means you have to have all your assets -especially your brain- working at maximum!  It is important to consider that you will need income-producing skills in-between acting jobs; and the confidence you learn (especially when dealing with people) will give you an advantage over other job applicants.  Get out there, hone your skills, and start sending out headshots and resumes!
Break a leg! 
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How do so many Hollywood actors have so much hair, even when they are older?

Many Hollywood actors benefit from having good genes, which helps hair retention as they age. But not all are the winners of a genetic lottery, many need help.

—Only their hairdresser’s know for sure—
To many people, bald = old.  This forces many men (and women, as well) to aggressively find the best way to keep their appearance youthful, vibrant, and sexy.  If I may digress, here are some actors who don’t need hair to be on top of their game:

Telly Savalas “We are all born bald, baby”

Now Back to Hairy old Hollywood:

Happy Healthy Hair: Hair growth and regrowth techniques for both men and women – available on Amazon

On your journey, as you assess your image and hair – or lack thereof – stay focused on the image you project, and refine it to make your visage unique and castable.  Even if you only have bit parts as a character actor, own it, make it you.

I truly hope that I answered this well, despite my honorarium of the hairless; and, as with all things Hollywood, the Illusion is our reality!  Thank you, and feel free to share!
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I am currently living in Ireland and I really love acting. Would it be possible to get a manager from America for acting?

By Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities by reading the tabloids on the checkout line at the supermarket.
If you have your heart set on stage acting, yes. Consider that you have better chances of landing a manager and work if you are in the USA. Can you interview and line up a manager? Yes, – but it can be difficult to compete for a US job if you are not here. But that does not mean it can’t be done!
If you have a timeline to get to the States, line up a manager, make YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles (be sure to highlight your availability), and leverage the social media to get exposure and leads for jobs. While that may not get you work right away, it will get you “out there”. Also read the trades from the cities you want to work in; lots of projects get delayed, you may not know where your first jobs come from, so make sure they have your info.
When looking for a manager, ask other actors on acting boards or Reddit.  Referrals and shared experiences can make your transition to the US a lot easier.  And don’t stop looking for local work, you never know when you can meet a globetrotting Actor who can lend you his/her couch and a supportive ear when you are in the US.  Producing a sizzle for your brand (like a youtube promo or reading) can be an excellent calling card for promoting your abilities.
You also have an advantage with your accent.  Distinctive voices usually command a premium.  Mention that you are also available for voice-overs and narrative work.  These may not pay as much as some appearances, but beggars can’t always be choosers.
Maintain a positive attitude,  keep a clock with Pacific Standard time around (so you know what time it is in LA), and have a good backdrop ready for video calls on Skype or google meetings.
Break a leg! (Salutation for actors)
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If I want to start a big movie how can I go about contacting famous actors?

To start a big movie you need BIG MONEY, and some Hollywood Smarts.

Big budgets attract Agents, Studios, Wannabees, and gets you known, regardless of your level of talent or experience in movie production. It may be smarter to find some unknowns and cast them. You will save millions (not to mention the drama associated with big stars). Sometimes you need big stars to make a movie that has a bad script – just to get people to see it. I hope that is not your situation.

Consider this article Where Stars Matter The Most And Where They Don’t – from Rodriguez law. And How to Land Big Name Talent in Your Indie Film – from Premium Beat.

How to Make a Movie in 10 Easy Lessons: Learn how to write, direct, and edit your own film without a Hollywood budget (Super Skills)

Before I would start any casting, I would need a script and a budget. If the initial reads were good, I would have my publicist start letting all of Hollywood know that the project is funded and will be casting soon. “Did you hear that Alan Chenkin’s new film just got funded, and I heard the location scouts were lining up locations for the production? It’s all very hush-hush.” Or something along those lines. A good publicist knows what to do, and the Buzz will be growing as you ramp up. Take a look at Reaching for the Stars: How to Get a “Name” Actor in Your Film – MovieMaker Magazine.

Of course, if you have very deep pockets, you can make a movie that highlights the talents of a group of actors that have a known draw – but keep in mind they know you need them, and will barter their participation for creative control; concessions, more money, and more residuals.  Be prepared to fight to keep any profit you make – big stars command upwards of $20 million a film.

Movie Maker: The Ultimate Guide to Making Films

Of course you can hire me and my production team to map out a timeline for your project and start lining up scripts and talent – that way you can focus on the “Big Picture”.  Have your people call my people. Break a leg!

Sandra Bullock – America’s Sweetheart and Bona-fide Movie star.

Movie Stars on eBay

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Will we ever have a president as short as Martin Sheen was in The West Wing in reality?

Martin Sheen is 5′7″ in height.

He would be taller than 7 of the past US Presidents.

Being a fan of the West Wing series, I would hope we have a president like Martin Sheen as Josiah Bartlett.

I would like to believe that Character, the ability to lead, and the capability to carry out the responsibilities of the office of president are not a factor of height, or the NBA would be running the USA.

Image from Pixabay

post hoc ergo propter hoc (logical fallacy) – from The West Wing

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The Last Word:
Martin Sheen is My President
Martin Sheen is My President

Who are the most overpaid actors in Hollywood?

While there are subjective opinions on who the most over paid actors are, the one metric that is most telling is how the box office take relates to the actors pay. This separates the highly paid actor with good box office from the overpaid actor producing poor box office numbers.
Forbes has done some really good work on this:

This 2016 list does not mean that these actors were overpaid in prior years; Forbes measures it year-by-year. Some actors have a few great years, then get cast in stinker roles that diminish their box office draw, and reduce their value to the profitability of the picture. It does not mean they are “bad” actors, just not bringing in more dollars than they cost.

The real question is WHY? why do these overpaid actors keep getting work? I found some websites that attempt to answer this very question, on a “case by case” basis:
It also has to do with How Movie Stars Get Paid – Gawker

We can clearly see how actors salaries are a clear metric we can use in determining their value at the box office, and “overpaid” can be more than just an opinion, it comes with measurable numbers behind it.

These guys may have the last laugh:

The principal benefit acting has afforded me is the money to pay for my psychoanalysis.” ―Marlon Brando -(Source/Notes: Marlon Brando: The Only Contender, Gary Carey (1985), Ch.13)

Here’s hoping your acting career has you laughing all the way to the bank!

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NOTE:  This is not a “dig” against your personal favorite movie star or film, it is just a way to determine if an actor is overpaid by comparing their salary to the box office.  I am a fan of most of these actors and wish they will be off this list too!


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