Are the paparazzi Inquisitive or Intrusive?

Paparazzi are a part of the entertainment business.

The nature of their work is to acquire images of celebrities that will sell newspapers or go viral on the internet. You can count on them to go beyond the limits of ethical behavior and intrude AS MUCH AS THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH. The excesses of this are the sad result of Princess Diana’s death, where the Paparazzi both contributed to the car chase that took her life, and then took pictures of her as she died. Not to mention the intentional goading of celebrities to anger or provoke a situation that will get more pictures and notoriety for the photographer and/or the celebrity (although it can be negative, ask Alec Baldwin).

The stories behind the pictures
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Sharp celebrities (and their managers/handlers) know how to effectively use and manage the paparazzi, granting them photo opportunities and giving them enough shots to satisfy their need for ongoing celebrity and sell pictures. George Clooney is really good at this, as are many other celebs. (NOTE: Despite maintaining that his private life is “off limits”, Clooney recently threatened legal action for unauthorized family pictures, even referencing The Late Princess Diana in a recent appearance).

The best way to look at this, in my opinion, is that the paparazzi are doing a job, and some do it well (and are respected photographers), and some are stooges who use any means necessary to get celebrity pictures even if it violates the celeb’s right to privacy or the limits of ethical behavior.

The bigger problem is that there is a large audience for pictures of celebrities that are salacious, unattractive (sans makeup), in awkward or everyday situations, and generally in poor taste. The tabloids fuel the audience with headlines, unauthorized photo spreads, and teaser articles that are provocative and a result of pictorial “misinterpretation”. Note everything about the paparazzi is evil, see this article” Driving Mr. Kanye and 7 Other Times Celebrities and the Paparazzi Almost Got Along”.

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My thoughts are these; the Paparazzi are part of an indelicate ballet, with the public, the celebrities, the tabloids, fame, and fortune. Many aspiring celebrity “wannabees” NEED the paparazzi to follow and pursue them when they are climbing the ladder to success, and exposure means better roles and opportunities. Once they have some measure of fame, they turn on the paparazzi as “evil scum” who destroy their privacy. The people who manage that well, and have good public relations people and agents will figure it out. The celebrities who become known for their anger and hostility towards paparazzi become curiosities for the public’s digestion, and may have short lived but volatile press during their 15 minutes of fame.


Here is a suggestion; be kind to your fans and paparazzi, or your photos will be wrapping fish at the docks.

Does height matter in Hollywood to be an actor/actress?

Talent, hard work, and connections matter.

Height, maybe, but these actors do well with their short stature:

Hollywood’s 30 great short actors, from Danny De Vito to Daniel Radcliffe

50 celebrities you didn’t realize are really short

Many short actors can play younger roles until they are in their 20’s, so it could be an asset.

Sometimes an actor is miscast because of their box office draw and connections – see I agree with Lee Child – compact Tom Cruise isn’t enough of a Reacher | Alison Flood

And there is this question; Heightism and Success: Why are actors short and presidents tall?

In TV and the movies, camera work and perspective can work wonders with issues of stature.


I’m 15 (UK) and I love acting but I can’t sing. Do I have any chance? Can I get into a drama school?

Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities by reading the tabloids at the supermarket checkout line…

I have a secret to tell you, and you may find it disturbing.
Lots of actors can’t sing.
The get cast in musicals, animation, Indie films, and commercials, because of their name recognition, box office, or connections – not for their singing ability.
Many actors and actresses exude such a powerful presence that we believe they are powerful and capable of doing almost ANYTHING.
Here is actor Robert downey Jr.  (he plays Tony Stark aka Iron Man) delivering a bionic arm to a young fan.  Get a good look at that little boys face – that is the power of belief.
Many actors never went to drama school either.  Some have a natural talent, others rehearse excessively, and many auditioned well or have golden connections.
If you HAVE to sing, you must Practice.  A lot.  Get a singing coach.  Find pieces that showcase your talents. Make a youtube video, enlist your pals, entertain at parties, post, tweet, and build your brand. You are on a great journey and you must, MUST! Play this role to the hilt. 
 If you can’t hold a tune, and your singing might clear the room – then you must act, emote, and hone the skills you have so that you can win your audience over.  In the back of your mind, think of those actors who are such compelling performers that they get cast in singing roles, even when they are not great singers.

You can cultivate that powerful stage presence in YOURSELF, and win the audience over!

Ambition, Drive, and good auditioning skills will get you into drama school.
Break a leg. -Alan
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How did Arnold Schwarzenegger get to the USA?

By Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout

With an almost unpronounceable surname and a thick Austrian accent, who would have ever believed that a brash, quick talking bodybuilder from a small European village would become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, marry into the prestigious Kennedy family, amass a fortune via shrewd investments and one day be the Governor of California!?[1]
In his own words, on his emigration to America: “…
The following is from Wikipedia[2] :
Schwarzenegger, who dreamed of moving to the U.S. since the age of 10, and saw bodybuilding as the avenue through which to do so,[24]
realized his dream by moving to the United States in September 1968 at the age of 21, speaking little English.[3][6]
There he trained at Gold’s Gym in Venice, Los Angeles, California, under Joe Weider. From 1970 to 1974, one of Schwarzenegger’s weight training partners was Ric Drasin, a professional wrestler who designed the original Gold’s Gym logo in 1973.[25]
Schwarzenegger also became good friends with professional wrestler Superstar Billy Graham. In 1970, at age 23, he captured his first Mr. Olympia title in New York, and would go on to win the title a total of seven times.[15]
The immigration law firm Siskind & Susser has stated that Schwarzenegger may have been an illegal immigrant at some point in the late 1960s or early 1970s because of violations in the terms of his visa.[26]
LA Weekly would later say in 2002 that Schwarzenegger is the most famous immigrant in America, who “overcame a thick Austrian accent and transcended the unlikely background of bodybuilding to become the biggest movie star in the world in the 1990s”.[24]
In 1977, Schwarzenegger’s autobiography/weight-training guide Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder was published and became a huge success.[6]
After taking English classes at Santa Monica College in California, he earned a BA by correspondence from the University of Wisconsin–Superior, in international marketing of fitness and business administration in 1979. He got his American citizenship in 1983.[29]
He tells that during this time he ran into a friend who told him that he was teaching Transcendental Meditation (TM), which prompted Schwarzenegger to reveal he had been struggling with anxiety for the first time in his life: “Even today, I still benefit from [the year of TM] because I don’t merge and bring things together and see everything as one big problem.”[30] – Footnotes mostly from “Arnold Schwarzenegger” – Wikipedia.
Despite some setbacks, Governor Schwarzenegger (“The Governator”) is an inspiration and dedicated to the ideals of America as “the Land of Opportunity”.
Arnold Explaining hatred and bigotry to Donald trump.
Go Arnold!
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Who are some famous actresses who are natural blondes?

By Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout.

Personally, I don’t care if someone’s hair color is natural or out of a bottle. If their knees are real or replacements, or their boobs, bottoms, and lips are Botoxed, real or prosthetic enhancements. Actresses who present well and are good in their roles are what I enjoy.  Some roles favor blondes, and some don’t.  But since you asked, I consulted sources that may know, so here you go:
Blonde fascination (possibly bordering on obsession) is something that permeates our society.  Barbie Dolls are usually blonde.
From “Blondes have more fun” ad slogans to Baywatch stars like Pamela Anderson.   FYI – Baywatch (the Series, NOT the 2017 Movie. – link is to neat eBay souvenirs) was syndicated internationally, and the rest of the world may believe America is populated by blonde swimsuit models and actresses.  It was a theme in the movie “Borat”.    Here is “Everything you need to know about Baywatch”.
Not to mention the timeless attraction of Marilyn Monroe.
Have fun with your Blonde Ambitions, now that you know who’s drapes match the carpet (tacky comment, but I could not help myself)![1]
And who can forget:
Sometimes, and I mean this, its more fun to speculate than to know.  The famous Clairol advertisement states “only her hairdresser knows for sure”!
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What’s it like to work as a paparazzi?

By Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout
Being a Paparazzi is hours of boredom, moments of action (when a celebrity may be sighted, and photographed), and negotiation for fees for pictures. It is surveillance work, and requires some detective work, knowing people who can give you information on a specific star’s whereabouts, (and sometimes paying for the info). You also can be detested, Scorned, punched/threatened/assaulted, and jailed, if you are too aggressive. You also may be carrying expensive lenses and cameras, which can be subject to damage. If you are good, the reward is cash for your photos. You also have to know publicists, who may compel you to photograph their clients so they can get exposure in the tabloids.
How Paparazzi Work – How Stuff works
Oops! I'm the Paparazzi.
Paparazzi exist to feed the hunger of the press and the famous for more exposure – While I am sure many are professional and have some respect for the subjects, many are invasive and push the limits to get their pictures.  This can mean anything from an argument with a celebrity (or their bodyguards) to a fight that ends with someone arrested, or even loss of life (in the case of Princess Diana).
Reddit discussion– “If stalking is a crime,why are paparazzi tolerated?”
And now, Paparazzi need to be savvy with operating Drones!
Up and coming stars seek out the attention of Paparazzi to get more exposure and celebrity status.  If they are fortunate and become famous, they frequently “turn” on the paparazzi and deny them access, abandoning the resource they needed to get their fame.
So if I have not freaked you out, please hire me to train you as a world-class drone piloting, risk-taking Paparazzi at my famous photographer school. (Just joking, although a kickstarter for this may be fun).  Take a look at my Photography blog: The Good Shots.
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What type of movie or role should Leonardo DiCaprio take on next?

By Alan Chenkin – Learned about celebrities reading tabloids in the checkout line.


I would like to see Leonardo DiCaprio to take on strong roles with causes he believes in, like Climate Change.  Not unlike Kevin Costner in “WaterWorld”. Bruce Dern also chooses roles to promote causes, like “Silent Running[1] [2].
Dicaprio heads this list: 7 A-List Celebrities Who Use Star Power For Climate Action– Daily Planet
As an aside, Adam West was in the “Swamp Thing” series[3], most likely more for a paycheck than saving the environment, at that point in his career.  His “swamp Thing” character was eclipsed by his Batman persona.
Leonardo DiCaprio is a wonderfully capable actor (yes, I am a fan) and will excel in almost any role he chooses, or even produces/directs.
While I am looking forward to his next role, my crystal ball is not good at casting actor’s future direction.
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Financially speaking, which is best, to be a music star, a TV star, or a movie star?


Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities by reading the tabloids at the supermarket checkout line…
As said best by Joni Mitchell, “That’s one thing that’s always, like, been a difference between, like, the performing arts, and being a painter, you know. A painter does a painting, and he paints it, and that’s it, you know. He has the joy of creating it, it hangs on a wall, and somebody buys it, and maybe somebody buys it again, or maybe nobody buys it and it sits up in a loft somewhere until he dies. But he never, you know, nobody ever, nobody ever said to Van Gogh, ‘Paint a Starry Night again, man!’ You know? He painted it and that was it.”[1]
Music artists have to constantly reinvent themselves, and the money in the music business flows to promoters, ticket vendors, and not to performers (unless you are consistently producing top selling albums).
Which leaves you with TV and Movies. WHY? because you get residual income, which can fund your life while you pursue new parts and roles you find personally rewarding; like Broadway shows (when the show closes, by the way, your paycheck ends, just sayin’).
It is important for an actor to monetize their career, and/or get a sponsor (or sponsors) to support them in their journey to master their craft.
Financial security will give an actor the ability to eat while evaluating roles and donating their skills to good causes.  Residuals, whether from album sales, sitcom appearances, or movie roles can be a key component of an performers ongoing income.
-Break a leg!
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How is it that Marisa Tomei looks like she stopped aging at 30?

By Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities by reading the tabloids at the supermarket checkout line…

Marisa Tomei is a serious actor with good genes, but don’t think that is a free pass to some “fountain of youth”.[1]
Ms. Tomei has a serious workout regimen and a diet to help her keep her physique in top shape.  Actors, and more often Actresses,  are pursued by paparazzi and tabloid reporters for any perception of weight gain, chubbiness, bad eating habits or badly timed bikini photos -usually photoshopped.  With her dedication to her routine, Marisa Tomei has fought off the scourge of aging, sagging, and weight that has many celebrities tormented.  Like I said, it is not a “free pass” – she works hard at looking good.
Here is her workout video:
“I’m always in awe of how healthy Marisa eats. It could be part of the reason her skin is always smooth and glowing. She drinks lots of natural, raw juices, eats lots of veggies, avocado and whole grains. I’ve noticed that clients who eat lots of avocado always have amazing skin!”-Tina Turnbow[2]
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As you can tell, I am a fan – ever since her role in My Cousin Vinny.
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The Last Word:
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Do you think it’s good or bad that Daniel Craig is coming back for another James Bond film?

I am a fan of Daniel Craig and the James bond Movies. My is hope is that he moves on – he plays Bond with such a serious demeanor that it can detract from the film. He is also a transitional Bond – standing watch as the digital age overtakes the traditional trenchcoated spy.

Known details, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Just my .02 cents.

Daniel Craig as agent 007 in the opening scene of Spectre – in Mexico City during the “Dia de Muertos” (day of the Dead) celebration.

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