Who are some famous actresses who are natural blondes?

By Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout.

Personally, I don’t care if someone’s hair color is natural or out of a bottle. If their knees are real or replacements, or their boobs, bottoms, and lips are Botoxed, real or prosthetic enhancements. Actresses who present well and are good in their roles are what I enjoy.  Some roles favor blondes, and some don’t.  But since you asked, I consulted sources that may know, so here you go:
Blonde fascination (possibly bordering on obsession) is something that permeates our society.  Barbie Dolls are usually blonde.
From “Blondes have more fun” ad slogans to Baywatch stars like Pamela Anderson.   FYI – Baywatch (the Series, NOT the 2017 Movie. – link is to neat eBay souvenirs) was syndicated internationally, and the rest of the world may believe America is populated by blonde swimsuit models and actresses.  It was a theme in the movie “Borat”.    Here is “Everything you need to know about Baywatch”.
Not to mention the timeless attraction of Marilyn Monroe.
Have fun with your Blonde Ambitions, now that you know who’s drapes match the carpet (tacky comment, but I could not help myself)![1]
And who can forget:
Sometimes, and I mean this, its more fun to speculate than to know.  The famous Clairol advertisement states “only her hairdresser knows for sure”!
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Edited and expanded from my answer on Quora.