I am currently living in Ireland and I really love acting. Would it be possible to get a manager from America for acting?

By Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities by reading the tabloids on the checkout line at the supermarket.
If you have your heart set on stage acting, yes. Consider that you have better chances of landing a manager and work if you are in the USA. Can you interview and line up a manager? Yes, – but it can be difficult to compete for a US job if you are not here. But that does not mean it can’t be done!
If you have a timeline to get to the States, line up a manager, make YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles (be sure to highlight your availability), and leverage the social media to get exposure and leads for jobs. While that may not get you work right away, it will get you “out there”. Also read the trades from the cities you want to work in; lots of projects get delayed, you may not know where your first jobs come from, so make sure they have your info.
When looking for a manager, ask other actors on acting boards or Reddit.  Referrals and shared experiences can make your transition to the US a lot easier.  And don’t stop looking for local work, you never know when you can meet a globetrotting Actor who can lend you his/her couch and a supportive ear when you are in the US.  Producing a sizzle for your brand (like a youtube promo or reading) can be an excellent calling card for promoting your abilities.
You also have an advantage with your accent.  Distinctive voices usually command a premium.  Mention that you are also available for voice-overs and narrative work.  These may not pay as much as some appearances, but beggars can’t always be choosers.
Maintain a positive attitude,  keep a clock with Pacific Standard time around (so you know what time it is in LA), and have a good backdrop ready for video calls on Skype or google meetings.
Break a leg! (Salutation for actors)
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