How can a young person launch their acting career?

#1 Rule:  Don’t stop. If you don’t build momentum and drive, your acting career (no matter how talented you are) will falter.

So ignore the haters, the envious, and the ambivalent. Follow your course, Learn your craft, and also learn complimentary skills; music, athletics, art, singing, etc. Don’t give up on education, either – it’s important. 27 Celebs With PhDs And Other Shockingly Impressive Degrees – Topix.
There are many avenues to success in launching an acting career; television appearances, sitcoms, small theater groups, youtube videos, blogs, and promotion via friends, family, and agents/managers.  Your path will be  be unique, and you have to earn your “acting chops”.  When we see talented people on stage or on screen, we don’t see the hours of work, the rehearsals, the re-writes, and the coaching that factors into the final performance.  Be prepared for invigorating highs, and paralyzing lows, as your career winds its way through auditions, acting gigs, autograph sessions, and more of the “business” of show business.
Even though it is exciting to go “ALL-IN” – DON’T! You need to have a balanced career and skills that will carry you when acting work is scarce; and committing to an acting career means you have to have all your assets -especially your brain- working at maximum!  It is important to consider that you will need income-producing skills in-between acting jobs; and the confidence you learn (especially when dealing with people) will give you an advantage over other job applicants.  Get out there, hone your skills, and start sending out headshots and resumes!
Break a leg! 
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