Are the paparazzi Inquisitive or Intrusive?

Paparazzi are a part of the entertainment business.

The nature of their work is to acquire images of celebrities that will sell newspapers or go viral on the internet. You can count on them to go beyond the limits of ethical behavior and intrude AS MUCH AS THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH. The excesses of this are the sad result of Princess Diana’s death, where the Paparazzi both contributed to the car chase that took her life, and then took pictures of her as she died. Not to mention the intentional goading of celebrities to anger or provoke a situation that will get more pictures and notoriety for the photographer and/or the celebrity (although it can be negative, ask Alec Baldwin).

The stories behind the pictures
The stories behind the pictures, from Amazon Books

Sharp celebrities (and their managers/handlers) know how to effectively use and manage the paparazzi, granting them photo opportunities and giving them enough shots to satisfy their need for ongoing celebrity and sell pictures. George Clooney is really good at this, as are many other celebs. (NOTE: Despite maintaining that his private life is “off limits”, Clooney recently threatened legal action for unauthorized family pictures, even referencing The Late Princess Diana in a recent appearance).

The best way to look at this, in my opinion, is that the paparazzi are doing a job, and some do it well (and are respected photographers), and some are stooges who use any means necessary to get celebrity pictures even if it violates the celeb’s right to privacy or the limits of ethical behavior.

The bigger problem is that there is a large audience for pictures of celebrities that are salacious, unattractive (sans makeup), in awkward or everyday situations, and generally in poor taste. The tabloids fuel the audience with headlines, unauthorized photo spreads, and teaser articles that are provocative and a result of pictorial “misinterpretation”. Note everything about the paparazzi is evil, see this article” Driving Mr. Kanye and 7 Other Times Celebrities and the Paparazzi Almost Got Along”.

Paparazzi true stories of a party crasher, Available from Amazon Books

My thoughts are these; the Paparazzi are part of an indelicate ballet, with the public, the celebrities, the tabloids, fame, and fortune. Many aspiring celebrity “wannabees” NEED the paparazzi to follow and pursue them when they are climbing the ladder to success, and exposure means better roles and opportunities. Once they have some measure of fame, they turn on the paparazzi as “evil scum” who destroy their privacy. The people who manage that well, and have good public relations people and agents will figure it out. The celebrities who become known for their anger and hostility towards paparazzi become curiosities for the public’s digestion, and may have short lived but volatile press during their 15 minutes of fame.


Here is a suggestion; be kind to your fans and paparazzi, or your photos will be wrapping fish at the docks.

Does height matter in Hollywood to be an actor/actress?

Talent, hard work, and connections matter.

Height, maybe, but these actors do well with their short stature:

Hollywood’s 30 great short actors, from Danny De Vito to Daniel Radcliffe

50 celebrities you didn’t realize are really short

Many short actors can play younger roles until they are in their 20’s, so it could be an asset.

Sometimes an actor is miscast because of their box office draw and connections – see I agree with Lee Child – compact Tom Cruise isn’t enough of a Reacher | Alison Flood

And there is this question; Heightism and Success: Why are actors short and presidents tall?

In TV and the movies, camera work and perspective can work wonders with issues of stature.


Financially speaking, which is best, to be a music star, a TV star, or a movie star?


Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities by reading the tabloids at the supermarket checkout line…
As said best by Joni Mitchell, “That’s one thing that’s always, like, been a difference between, like, the performing arts, and being a painter, you know. A painter does a painting, and he paints it, and that’s it, you know. He has the joy of creating it, it hangs on a wall, and somebody buys it, and maybe somebody buys it again, or maybe nobody buys it and it sits up in a loft somewhere until he dies. But he never, you know, nobody ever, nobody ever said to Van Gogh, ‘Paint a Starry Night again, man!’ You know? He painted it and that was it.”[1]
Music artists have to constantly reinvent themselves, and the money in the music business flows to promoters, ticket vendors, and not to performers (unless you are consistently producing top selling albums).
Which leaves you with TV and Movies. WHY? because you get residual income, which can fund your life while you pursue new parts and roles you find personally rewarding; like Broadway shows (when the show closes, by the way, your paycheck ends, just sayin’).
It is important for an actor to monetize their career, and/or get a sponsor (or sponsors) to support them in their journey to master their craft.
Financial security will give an actor the ability to eat while evaluating roles and donating their skills to good causes.  Residuals, whether from album sales, sitcom appearances, or movie roles can be a key component of an performers ongoing income.
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Burning Man and Celebrity attendees

Burning Man, the annual festival in the Nevada desert, attracts many people – known as “Burners”.  In the past, Celebrities have made the pilgrimage to see the man burn.

This is burning man book

This is Burning Man, From Amazon Books

While some celebrities quietly attend the festival, others treat it as a media experience.  Movie star Susan Sarandon stayed in a celebrity camp at Burning Man in 2015.  Her visit was showcased in This Insider.


Susan Sarandon is a fan of Burning Man

Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, and Mark Zuckerberg erect fancy luxury camps in advance, many others arrive to the playa with no plan and pitch their tents where they find space.

There is even a concierge service, to provide elite burners services and facilities above and beyond what mere attendees are offered.  See the website, .


Google maps created the unofficial 2018 map of Burning man.

Among attendees in the past, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Diplo, Katy Perry, an assortment of Victoria’s secret models (Sara Sampaio goes every year), Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others.   Burning man requires some preparation,   and burners need to bring a weeks worth of food, bottled water, funky and practical clothes, Goggles, face masks (for dust storms), and items for giving and exchanging.  Diplo comes in a huge “Art Car”.   If you are not handy, you can buy Burning man outfits on Amazon and eBay.

Here is the wikipedia entry on Burning man.

Books and memorabilia from burning man, on eBay.

Getting around the Playa is done by foot, tricked out bicycle, and Art cars, which are the only vehicles allowed.  (RV’s  and cars are parked for the entire week).


If you are a Burner or just fascinated with Burning Man, take note of who attends – This may be one of the coolest festivals on the Planet!

IF you are reading this after attending burning man, please attend a “decompression event”.  Note this article from the NY Post.

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The Last Word:

For the movie Cake, how did Jennifer Aniston prepare to play a chronic pain sufferer?

To get into character for her new film Cake, Jennifer Aniston had to ditch her healthy lifestyle. Jennifer is known for her lean diet and trim figure. Jennifer’s character, Claire Simmons, suffers chronic pain after a car accident that left her scarred. Aniston quit exercising and eating as well as she usually does.

Us Magazine reported that Jennifer spoke about gaining weight for the movie at the American Cinematheque screening of Cake. Aniston and host Jason Bateman talked about the difficulties of her transformation. Not only did she gain weight, but Jennifer wore no makeup except for the character’s scars and dark under eye circles.

Manipulating your appearance is one of the most difficult things for an actor to do.  If successful, the actor can improve their role by molding themselves into character.  kudos to Jennifer Aniston for having the chops to do that!

Matthew  Mcconaughey lost weight for the Dallas Buyers club.  Here is my take on it:  How do actors get so lean for certain movies? 

This is an article on her transformation from


Jennifer Aniston bio
Jennifer Aniston movies
Jennifer Aniston autographed photos

I am a fan. Ms. Aniston is a good performer with a considerable body of work!

What is Javier Bardem’s best role?

As the psychotic hit man in “No Country for Old Men”.
I am amazed at how Javier Bardem can re-invent himself in a persona completely different in each movie, as a Bond villain, or passionate artist.

The actor is a credit to his craft, whether you like the role or not.

No Country For Old Men, from Amazon Movies

Javier Bardem movies
Javier Bardem posters
Javier Bardem autographed items

In my opinion, a good actor can assumes a role that is believable to the audience, even if it is markedly different from previous roles.  As the hitman in “No country for old men”, I found Bardem to be psychotically creepy – intentionally so – because that is how the character is written.

I confess that I am a fan, and did not realize some of the other roles I have seen him in; most recently in the James Bond Movie, Skyfall.  Bardem was also in Woody Allen’s “Vicky Christina Barcelona” (2008).

I hope you found my point of view enlightening and informative.  Consider sharing it!

Is it true that actors or future actors face anxiety or stage fright during acting classes or auditions?

Stage Fright is common among Actors and us non-acting folks.
These noted performers (and many more) have publicly discussed their stage fright:
  • Barbara Streisand
  • Megan Fox
  • Jonathan Knight (New Kids on the block)
  • Brian Wilson (the Beach boys)
  • Annie Lenox
  • Adele
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Stephen Frye
  • Carly Simon
  • Cher
  • Fiona Apple
  • Sir Laurence Olivier

Acting classes and extensive public speaking help get past Stage Fright.  While many performers indulge in meditation, alcohol, massage, etc.,  Sometimes they need to perform enough to relax in front of their fans.  Performance anxiety, like forgetting lines, creates and sometimes increases stage fright and the “jitters”.
Performance Anxiety Cure: How To Overcome Performance Anxiety And Stage Fright In All Aspects Of Life Forever (anxiety recovery, panic attacks, anxiety management, anxiety attacks) by [Underhill, Larry]
When you get “into character”, you have license to be someone other than yourself, and that often gives us – as performers –  the ability to be that person, without stage fright or exposing our personal anxieties.
Before an audition, practice relaxation exercises, learn your script really well, and “break a leg”.
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The Last Word:

Can I be a successful actor even though I’m 6’3′?

While tempted to be snarky here, I believe that you have a serious concern. I implore you to treat your height as an advantage, and not a handicap, so that you can focus on roles and audition pieces that work well with a tall actor.
Matthew McGorry  7′ 6″
Andre’ the Giant  7′ 4″
Peter Mayhew 7′ 2″
Richard Kiel  7′ 1″
Ted Cassidy 6’9″
brad Garrett 6′ 8″
Maybe you have heard of these actors.
The most important thing an actor can have is not a physical attribute, it is DRIVE. DESIRE. The need to practice your craft and be the best – to inspire people around you so that your ability to convey emotion and empathy WINS THEM OVER. Without nurturing your acting chops, you will not win roles.
So, figure out the best way to showcase your stature, look at the manner and dress of similar actors, and refine your style. Take acting classes – Go on auditions – LEARN and ADAPT. It is not easy, but there are rewards to being a good actor, even if you don’t become a “successful” actor. Understand that financial success does not always mean success as an actor.
Sometimes our perceived handicaps are, in reality, great strengths!  Have your “Ugly Duckling” moment, so that you can free yourself to explore roles that only tall actors can play well.
Get out there and Break a Leg!
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How can a young person launch their acting career?

#1 Rule:  Don’t stop. If you don’t build momentum and drive, your acting career (no matter how talented you are) will falter.

So ignore the haters, the envious, and the ambivalent. Follow your course, Learn your craft, and also learn complimentary skills; music, athletics, art, singing, etc. Don’t give up on education, either – it’s important. 27 Celebs With PhDs And Other Shockingly Impressive Degrees – Topix.
There are many avenues to success in launching an acting career; television appearances, sitcoms, small theater groups, youtube videos, blogs, and promotion via friends, family, and agents/managers.  Your path will be  be unique, and you have to earn your “acting chops”.  When we see talented people on stage or on screen, we don’t see the hours of work, the rehearsals, the re-writes, and the coaching that factors into the final performance.  Be prepared for invigorating highs, and paralyzing lows, as your career winds its way through auditions, acting gigs, autograph sessions, and more of the “business” of show business.
Even though it is exciting to go “ALL-IN” – DON’T! You need to have a balanced career and skills that will carry you when acting work is scarce; and committing to an acting career means you have to have all your assets -especially your brain- working at maximum!  It is important to consider that you will need income-producing skills in-between acting jobs; and the confidence you learn (especially when dealing with people) will give you an advantage over other job applicants.  Get out there, hone your skills, and start sending out headshots and resumes!
Break a leg! 
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