Where do you begin when you want to be an actor?

Most actors are “average Joes”.  The key to their successes is desire (which I sense you have), a strong drive to succeed,  and learning the craft.  (You also need to learn the business as well).   There is plenty of work for extra’s and up-and-coming actors.  However, you need to start somewhere.
So you must get out there!
Take acting lessons (at school or informal)
Read all you can, Audition whenever you can, and talk to other people who want to be actors.
Develop that drive and believe in yourself.  YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.
I hope that you act on your dream to become a performer, and one day you will not be anonymous- but a serious and hardworking actor!
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Is Nicolas Cage an Overpaid loser?

Nicolas Cage is living his authentic life. It may infuriate many fans and followers to see him “wasting” his money (it is HIS money, after all), but it is his to waste. I would not call him a “loser”.  He has choices, but he makes the ones that are important to him. He takes on a lot of mediocre roles because he can get them, and he has bills to pay. He may not be the greatest actor of all time, but I find most of his movies entertaining to watch, even if some people don’t.

Some actors are in pursuit of fame and becoming superstars, and hardly turn down a role. Think of Nicolas Cage, who will do almost any film. Cage is a hard working actor that delivers a lot of performances that reward him with a large fan base and the compensation to pay his bills and support his causes.

Nicolas Cage

I would be more disenhearted with Nicolas Cage if he drank himself to death like his character in leaving las Vegas

As for managers, well, most celebrity managers have difficult clients or wind up fired or in litigation; Johnny Depp and 11 other celebrities who have badly mismanaged their money
This is not unique to Hollywood performers or actors, Squandering fortunes is a sad component of the human condition.  Sometimes publicists get their clients to buy outrageous items – houses, pets, furnishings, etc, – to get more publicity!   Even if they have a good manager, they may not listen to practical advice, fearing they will be ordinary and not in the trades and scandal mags!

Personally, I am a fan.  Nicolas Cage is a seasoned actor who shows his versatility with numerous roles.  While some may have other ideas of what he should be doing,  I think he is pursuing a long career with an enviable body of work.

Here is where you can get movies for free!

I do like to watch movies, and I have a 60″ LED TV at home and a surround sound system. My home is like a movie theater, and I get “free admission”. In my area, a movie date can cost upwards of $25 for two people, with the cost of tickets, popcorn, drinks, etc. You can see that free movies (even if I watch them on my tablet) are a big deal, and a money saving proposition!

Youtube.com has many movies (many low budget and artsy ones too) for free. That would be my first choice. There are other sites, but you have to google the type of movie you want to watch, and focus on the ones that come up.

If you are a fan of Torrents, you can download a lot of movies for free, although it may be illegal because of copyright infringement.  In addition, many sites fool you into thinking you are downloading a movie for free, then charge you for the key or software to view it with.  I am not a fan of torrents, but if you have patience and good malware protection, you can get some very watchable content from a Torrent site.


In the US, Public libraries have movies for free as well – some for download, some as DVD’s, and some for “movie nights” at a local library. It really depends on the library, as not all libraries have all these features available. The only cost is a library card (almost always free).  Modern libraries have computers, viewing rooms, a cafe or coffee bar, and are supported by donations.  Donating to your library is a good cause, and will ensure they will be around for a long time.

As we move more into streaming, people are abandoning their movie libraries – even giving away their DVD’s. Keep an eye out on sites like freecycle and Craigslist for “free dvd’s” and “free movies”. Most of them may be older, but free is awesome, and you can give them away after you watch them. If you have a VCR, even more people are giving away movies in VCR format because it is an older format, and very few new movies are coming out on VCR tape.

Best of luck and enjoy new movies and ideas!

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What happened to Brendan Fraser, and why has Hollywood stopped casting him in movies?

Brendan Fraser had some great hits in the 90’s, and was a bona-fide leading man and movie star.  After a few films that were not received well at the box office, and his personal financial troubles (Divorce, Alimony) he has had a tough time getting starring roles.
Best situational commentary on Brendan Fraser:


Personally, I am a fan of Brendan Fraser’s work, and hope he gets some choice roles again!
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Is Hollywood recasting the same actors – instead of taking a chance on new talent? Are some actors becoming typecast and overused?

One of the ways a studio takes a mediocre script and tries to make it profitable is by bringing in known stars to boost the attendance at the theaters.

Box Office Philosophy: Philosophy Articles on Hollywood Cinema
This increases the cost of the film, but will attract more people because they follow these actors and/or expect a good production if they are in it. However, it does not make movies profitable;  
Typecast (Hollywood Stardust Book 1)

Sadly, this is a recurring theme in Hollywood, some actors don’t bring in the box office but get a lot of work. (maybe it’s their agents)?

Predicting Movie Success at the Box Office

Big Stars May Not Bring Box Office Bucks – ABC News
Why Movie Stars Still Exist Despite Their Lack of Box Office Appeal – Film school rejects

Tyler Perry Gets it:

Tyler Perry Movies - Budget Vs Box Office: Tables, Charts & Notes (Actors' Scorecard Series Book 2)

Forbes puts the list into perspective:
Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors 2017 – Forbes

Some A-list actors are regurgitated at every opportunity, and they often compete and audition for roles that they may not be at all suited for, leveraging their resume and celebrity for leading roles.
Rather than be annoyed, enjoy the film(s), and consider watching lesser-known and film festival award winning films to see fresh faces and new ideas.

Cast Me Shirt Funny Cute Actor Actress Acting Theater Tee
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The Last Word:
There Are Worse Things I Could Do

Why haven’t we seen Jack Nicholson in any films lately?

As of this writing, and despite numerous rumours and internet obituaries, Actor Jack Nicholson is still “alive and Kicking”.
Mr. Jack Nicholson, at 77, had mentioned he was going into retirement, lived at his home in Hollywood, still played golf, but has not done any new film work lately.  He has a cook and secretary, and his 5 grown children look in on him.  It is suggested (in the media) that he is having problems memorizing lines, and that is keeping him from making more films.  My personal feeling is that there are not enough roles for Jack Nicholson at this point in his career, and that would also be a factor.  Here are some articles on his career and private life:
Jack Nicholson – Wikipedia
Jack Nicholson biography – Amazon Books
Jack Nicholson in 1976 from Wikipedia page
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Do you think actor/actress do dating websites?

Yes and no. and it may not be what you think!


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Operators of dating websites want attractive people in their ads and in their database. Some actors and actresses have social media profiles on some dating sites, usually “freebies” to boost their exposure. Some are legitimate, and some have actors images in “fake” ads to attract more dating site customers.  Most savvy people on dating sites realize that many profiles are fake.  That is just how it works on the internet.

Is your online date FAKE? Investigation into phoney profiles – Daily Mail UK
Busted – The Worst Online Dating Site Scams – Internet Dating – insider internet dating

Actors don’t want their images misused or promoting sites without permission or compensation. They also have the same need for companionship as the rest of us, and will use sites that suit them – although they are very wary of “bad actors” and “posers” who want to date them because they are actors, and use them as arm candy. Or worse, to use their A-list status to elevate their own career or business.The dating landscape is burgeoning with choices that pull at us, except we can go on a “bad date” and move on, while an actor’s bad date can be on the news and in the tabloids. So they will be more wary and cautious than most people.


I've Got This Round: More Tales of DebaucheryIt Takes Balls: Dating Single Moms and Other Confessions from an Unprepared Single Dad

There is an “exclusive” dating app for celebrities, called Raya – the “Tinder for the Illuminati” Raya (app) – Wikipedia, and Raya, The Secret Dating App for Celebrities– source: Nylon. And their are even more: 6 Exclusive Dating Apps You’re Not Allowed to Join – Thrill list.

The Survival guide for Online dating: If you have ever considered Online dating or have dated online then this book is definitly for you.

Celebrities may be mentioning dating apps for compensation, or to build their brand – Katy Perry joked about Tinder on the radio: The celebs you might just stumble across on your favourite dating app – Metro UK. Given their schedules and lust for publicity, many celebrities will use dating apps: 10 Celebrities Who’ve Used Online Dating Sites Just Like Normals (Huffington Post), and 21 Celebrities You Can Actually Match With On Tinder (Ranker).

Please God Let it Be Herpes: A Heartfelt Quest For Love and Companionship

If you are using dating apps to meet celebrities, STOP. Look for values that appeal to you in a partner. Common interests (even in celebrity adoration) are good dating building blocks. I knew a man who said he was a greater lover than Casanova.  Yes, I too believed he was a bit full of himself, then he explained:

Casanova’s claim to fame was the number of women he bedded over many years; while my friend claimed his power was “loving just one woman for over fifty years”. She is a lucky woman. As is he.

Runaway Romance: An UP TV Premier Movie
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Who is or was the most successful child star (including former child stars) of all time?

This is a popular topic, as child stars have more time before the camera (in their careers) than most other actors – especially if they live a long and prosperous life!

Child Star: An AutobiographyThere Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and MeEmma Watson: From Wizards to Wallflowers (Pop Culture Bios)

From the Web:
The child actors who grew big stars – IMDB
26 child stars who made it – Entertainment Weekly
The 10 Most Successful Former Child Stars – Goliath
The Most Successful Child Actors – Fortune

If you take time to look at these lists, we can see actors across decades of film and Television projects. This makes monetary comparisons difficult, due to differing dollar values and payment structures, unless we adjust for estimated lifetime earnings. Money should not be the only measure of success. Many child stars had rough upbringings with drug issues, familial mismanagement, famous parents, and more.  Shirley Temple black leveraged her fame into a successful career in politics:

Shirley Temple Black was an American actress, singer, dancer, businesswoman, and diplomat who was Hollywood’s number one box-office draw as a child actress from 1935 to 1938. As an adult, she was named United States ambassador to Ghana and to Czechoslovakia, and also served as Chief of Protocol of the United States. From Wikipedia


X Child Stars: Where Are They Now?Leonardo Dicaprio

Many became directors like Ron Howard and Drew Barrymore. some faded into the background and live off their residual check, in relative obscurity.

Ron Howard: From Mayberry to the Moon...and BeyondLittle Girl Lost

We all know who we like as a grown up actor, but this is a question worthy of months of review – my answer is that there are many stars who have done well acting and become successful, given back to their fan base, and evolved into adults who are positive role models.
Here is a picture of my Grandson, now age 10, who is available for acting roles. get in touch with me (as his agent) to discuss auditions.

The Authors Grandson, a big fan of YouTube, star of family video!

Best of luck to all the child actors, and success on their path to adulthood.

How does it feel to be friends of celebrities?

Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout
If you are fortunate to be a friend to a celebrity, try to be a true and earnest friend; at their core, celebrities need friends, and will distance themselves (if possible) from people who use their access to establish their own brand, or profit from them by selling photos, mementos, and interviews on the tabloids. 
“Being friends with a celebrity is something the majority of people on this planet will never be. That doesn’t make it an accomplishment and it doesn’t mean anything about the person who is friends with a celebrity. It just means they are now in the minority of people that is friends with a celebrity. I am in that group and here to tell the rest of you my experiences of those friendships.”[1]
Don’t be a stalker, but do read: How to Make Friends With Famous People on Wikihow.
And “You might think you’ve befriended one, but you can never really know them. Like the rich, the famous are a breed apart. You’re not a friend, you’re a civilian.”[2]
And when you have your celebrity BFF:
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Have more celebrities died this year or are we just noticing it more?

The world is growing, and the number of celebrities is getting larger. Morbidly put, more celebrities die because we have more of them, and they are subject to the same pressures as the general population. Not everyone agrees, and Outside the Beltway clearly states it is a statistically higher number.
If you are a celebrity, and concerned about continuing on until you are older than Willie Nelson, you want to make it to the Smuckers Jelly Jar (you can click on this link when you get close to 100 years old).   If you want a non-profit foundation to promote the good you want to do (as your legacy), shoot me an email and let’s set it up.
While celebrity deaths do make headlines, it is very tragic when anyone has their life cut short because of substance abuse, depression, and accidents.  You may be a celebrity to someone – a child, spouse, co-worker, or friend – and they will want you to be there for them.  Not to mention the super things you can do as a person!
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