Here is where you can get movies for free!

I do like to watch movies, and I have a 60″ LED TV at home and a surround sound system. My home is like a movie theater, and I get “free admission”. In my area, a movie date can cost upwards of $25 for two people, with the cost of tickets, popcorn, drinks, etc. You can see that free movies (even if I watch them on my tablet) are a big deal, and a money saving proposition! has many movies (many low budget and artsy ones too) for free. That would be my first choice. There are other sites, but you have to google the type of movie you want to watch, and focus on the ones that come up.

If you are a fan of Torrents, you can download a lot of movies for free, although it may be illegal because of copyright infringement.  In addition, many sites fool you into thinking you are downloading a movie for free, then charge you for the key or software to view it with.  I am not a fan of torrents, but if you have patience and good malware protection, you can get some very watchable content from a Torrent site.


In the US, Public libraries have movies for free as well – some for download, some as DVD’s, and some for “movie nights” at a local library. It really depends on the library, as not all libraries have all these features available. The only cost is a library card (almost always free).  Modern libraries have computers, viewing rooms, a cafe or coffee bar, and are supported by donations.  Donating to your library is a good cause, and will ensure they will be around for a long time.

As we move more into streaming, people are abandoning their movie libraries – even giving away their DVD’s. Keep an eye out on sites like freecycle and Craigslist for “free dvd’s” and “free movies”. Most of them may be older, but free is awesome, and you can give them away after you watch them. If you have a VCR, even more people are giving away movies in VCR format because it is an older format, and very few new movies are coming out on VCR tape.

Best of luck and enjoy new movies and ideas!

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