How does it feel to be friends of celebrities?

Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout
If you are fortunate to be a friend to a celebrity, try to be a true and earnest friend; at their core, celebrities need friends, and will distance themselves (if possible) from people who use their access to establish their own brand, or profit from them by selling photos, mementos, and interviews on the tabloids. 
“Being friends with a celebrity is something the majority of people on this planet will never be. That doesn’t make it an accomplishment and it doesn’t mean anything about the person who is friends with a celebrity. It just means they are now in the minority of people that is friends with a celebrity. I am in that group and here to tell the rest of you my experiences of those friendships.”[1]
Don’t be a stalker, but do read: How to Make Friends With Famous People on Wikihow.
And “You might think you’ve befriended one, but you can never really know them. Like the rich, the famous are a breed apart. You’re not a friend, you’re a civilian.”[2]
And when you have your celebrity BFF:
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