What do you think of Benedict Cumberbatch?

I am a fan.

Benedict Cumberbatch[1] is a striking actor with a unique appearance and good speaking voice. I especially liked his character in Star Trek (Khan), which was a nice counterpoint to the original performance by Ricardo Montalban.[2] His Screen credits can be seen on IMDB.[3]
This does not mean that every role he plays is automatically my favorite; I am hoping he has a long career and his fame will allow him roles that highlight his strong points; many actors take roles (sometimes ANY role, if you are hungry for work) and risk getting typecast. Cumberbatch turned down the role of Dr. Who,[4] partly for that reason (and the off-screen commitment to be “The Doctor”).  Nicolas Cage, by comparison, hardly turns down a role – which keeps him working, but often has him working in obscure “B” movies.  Cumberbatch is clearly cherry-picking his roles, and focusing on his strengths.
Benedict Cumberbatch (Photo from IMDB [5]

Khan’s impassioned speech,  well worth watching (from “Star Trek into Darkness” – Movie available on Amazon)