Is it possible for a foreigner to get a role in a Hollywood movie through a video audition without a work visa or green card?

Is it possible? YES. Is it Easy? NO.


Video (Youtube, instagram, facebook, etc.) allows our images and talent to cover the world. The first part of your question should be, “what skills that I may possess will be attractive to a producer, that I can demonstrate competently over the internet”? (And keep asking yourself that, and be grateful for your supporters and followers).

For the “how to do it” part, you have to develop your acting chops, promote yourself, make videos, make a “demo reel”, and put yourself out there.   Also get traditional headshots (8×10 photographs).  Consider emailing headshots and your resume to casting agents for review.

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For the Visa question, you can take temporary employment: Temporary Employment | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in the United Kingdom

If you have the means, schedule a trip and make appointments with agents, casting directors, and anyone who will meet with you, etc., and FOLLOW UP! Send thank you notes, etc.

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Some rules may be changing, due to politics, but ambition and talent can transcend borders and make friends, fans, and admirers worldwide!  

Remember that Americans love their movie stars – Bruce Lee, Kal Pen,  Monty Python, Don Cheadle. Hollywood is a melting pot. IF you work hard and get yourself “out there” to audition, and win good (meaning any) roles,  It really doesn’t matter what your nationality is, if you work your talent!
Work your social media and your contacts.  Get an agent.  Always Audition.  Luck favors the prepared!

Break a leg! (Laudatory actors salutation)

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