How can I ask out Emma Watson?

By Alan ChenkinLearned about celebrities by reading the tabloids in the checkout aisle.

Many actors/actresses , like Emma Watson, are in high demand – and their schedules may not permit a lot of a social life. While you may be successful approaching her (Please don’t be creepy or a stalker – she may be very different in person from the characters that she plays) realize that you may be rejected, because her goals are not in sync with yours. AND, Ms. Watson is very private about her personal life – and may already be actively dating someone.[1]  You also don’t want to run afoul of her security people or Police, who consider her safety of paramount importance.  In any case, here are some web references for you:
Dating Famous – Backstage
Even if Ms. Watson dos not acknowledge your affection, you still may get an autographed picture from her publicist.[2]
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Edited and expanded from my answer in Quora.