Are actors’ husband’s/wives typically ok with them kissing being intimate with another person, and why?

I dated an actress, and she kissed people on the set as part of her JOB. 

I hope she enjoyed it, as she had to make it believable and passionate (if the director called for it).

She was an A-list SAG actress, in demand for movies and TV; she had to be comfortable hugging, kissing, being zipped into a body bag (dead hooker role for a police show), and had lines professing eternal love for other men. If I were a jealous guy, I would be a basket case from knowing that – but I am a modern man of the new millennia, and secure enough to know that this is her livelihood and her profession. It would be wrong for me to be petulant and harmful to her career.

Are actors wives comfortable with kissing scenes on set? I would hope so. Actors have to make the audience believe in their role, and a “head trip” from a jealous spouse would make it difficult to do the job, cause even more kissing – by needing extensive re-takes, and possibly cost them future work. the actor they are kissing may also have a jealous spouse, making it even more difficult. Imagine if their co-star mentioned in an interview what a terrible kisser he/she was; once it’s on the internet it never goes away…

FYI, I am available for kissing roles and coaching kissing. I will also be funding a startup for overcoming osculatory jealousy – donate on my gofundme page. (That’s a joke, I don’t have a gofundme page, but I would gladly take cash or bitcoin for the cause).

Hoping your kissing is world class,


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Oh – and if you are jealous and your SO has to kiss people on their job, I suggest “How to Not Be Jealous: Ways to Deal With, Overcome and Stop Relationship Jealousy (Stop Being Insecure And Jealous Book 1)– From Amazon Books.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts – Please share if you enjoyed it, or know anyone who has a significant other in the kissing, er, acting business!

Kissing, anyone?