How do you relax your face muscles for acting?

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by Alan Chenkin, Learned all about actors from reading the tabloids in the checkout line…

Controlling your face muscles when you act is a necessary discipline that all actors need to master; Involuntary “tells” will give your audience cues that you are reading your parts, not delivering a solid performance.  Just as Poker players need to develop their “poker face”, actors need to be able to convincingly transmit the emotions and feelings of their characters with facial control.  


5 minute facial workout from Amazon Books

Drama Facial  Exercises – From Amazon Books
Many actors spend hours working on controlling their facial expressions, toning their muscles so they can  deliver expressive and “natural” faces.
I found a few items on the web that may be helpful:
and some books:
(Both available on Amazon Books)
Some actors use video and may work on their emotions with friends, as they work on their face muscles (remember, your face is a tool in acting) to broadcast emotions.  Happiness, Sadness, curiosity, worry, grimacing, and more are “must haves” in an actors toolkit.  Developing the muscle memory to emote faces on-demand will be a winning talent in interviews, performances, and more.
Break a leg – and control your emotions – it takes practice!
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