Is Nicolas Cage an Overpaid loser?

Nicolas Cage is living his authentic life. It may infuriate many fans and followers to see him “wasting” his money (it is HIS money, after all), but it is his to waste. I would not call him a “loser”.  He has choices, but he makes the ones that are important to him. He takes on a lot of mediocre roles because he can get them, and he has bills to pay. He may not be the greatest actor of all time, but I find most of his movies entertaining to watch, even if some people don’t.

Some actors are in pursuit of fame and becoming superstars, and hardly turn down a role. Think of Nicolas Cage, who will do almost any film. Cage is a hard working actor that delivers a lot of performances that reward him with a large fan base and the compensation to pay his bills and support his causes.

Nicolas Cage

I would be more disenhearted with Nicolas Cage if he drank himself to death like his character in leaving las Vegas

As for managers, well, most celebrity managers have difficult clients or wind up fired or in litigation; Johnny Depp and 11 other celebrities who have badly mismanaged their money
This is not unique to Hollywood performers or actors, Squandering fortunes is a sad component of the human condition.  Sometimes publicists get their clients to buy outrageous items – houses, pets, furnishings, etc, – to get more publicity!   Even if they have a good manager, they may not listen to practical advice, fearing they will be ordinary and not in the trades and scandal mags!

Personally, I am a fan.  Nicolas Cage is a seasoned actor who shows his versatility with numerous roles.  While some may have other ideas of what he should be doing,  I think he is pursuing a long career with an enviable body of work.