How does Frank Martin in Transporter prevent his spare shirt from creasing in the boot of his car?


I know this may come as a surprise, but – It’s a MOVIE. An act of fiction – a story told in film – It’ s primary goal is to entertain; and the producers frequently take artistic license. The shirt was most likely put in there before he would take it out by an assistant producer. And, I bet there were several “takes”, and they most likely used a few shirts.

Sometimes we can’t reconcile things that don’t make sense to us, especially when “movie magic” is involved.
If it makes you feel better, He puts it in there pressed and ready before he does a job. They most likely deleted that scene because the film was too long. (Fabrication forged in movie Magic).
Enjoy the movie. If this sparks discussion and conversations that are fun and animated, the enjoyment lasts beyond the movie experience.
If you like Star Wars, google “Han Shot first”. That is a passionate topic as well.
Han shot first” is a phrase referring to a controversial change made to a scene in the science fiction film Star Wars (1977), in which Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is confronted by the bounty hunter Greedo (Paul Blake) in the Mos Eisley cantina. – Wikipedia
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