What kind of glue can be used on skin? In this case, for fastening rhinestones.

Before you just use crazy glue, consider that it is hard to remove, and is stronger than the skin – so you may pull off some skin if you just tear the jewel off your face. (Crazy glue is removed with acetone).

Here is a “Straight Dope” discussion: Glueing something to skin [Archive]

From Yahoo answers: how do you glue rhinestones to your face? (My take-a-way: you can buy rhinestones that are adhesive backed)


FAQ Monday – What glue can be used on my skin? Guide to many household adhesives and using them on skin.

Sourced from Amazon (for convenience and reference):

Please be careful, and  Have a sparkling good time!


How do so many Hollywood actors have so much hair, even when they are older?

Many Hollywood actors benefit from having good genes, which helps hair retention as they age. But not all are the winners of a genetic lottery, many need help.

—Only their hairdresser’s know for sure—
To many people, bald = old.  This forces many men (and women, as well) to aggressively find the best way to keep their appearance youthful, vibrant, and sexy.  If I may digress, here are some actors who don’t need hair to be on top of their game:

Telly Savalas “We are all born bald, baby”

Now Back to Hairy old Hollywood:

Happy Healthy Hair: Hair growth and regrowth techniques for both men and women – available on Amazon

On your journey, as you assess your image and hair – or lack thereof – stay focused on the image you project, and refine it to make your visage unique and castable.  Even if you only have bit parts as a character actor, own it, make it you.

I truly hope that I answered this well, despite my honorarium of the hairless; and, as with all things Hollywood, the Illusion is our reality!  Thank you, and feel free to share!
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