What actor/actress plays against their appearance the best (ie the person looks like a bad guy/evil female but his/her character is a good person)?

This guy:

Danny Trejo

His physical demeanor can be intimidating and he plays some bad-ass characters. In the picture above, he portrays a knife wielding assassin.

Danny Trejo Talks Danny Trejo from IMDb Me (2018-) (awesome video interview)

Trejo was born in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, to Mexican parents.

He is the son of Alice Rivera and Dionsio “Dan” Trejo (1922–1981), a construction worker, and a second cousin of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, though the two were unaware that they were related until the filming of Desperado.

Prior to his film career Trejo worked as a labor foreman in construction.

Throughout the 1960s, Trejo was in and out of jail and prison in California; Trejo has suggested that his physical appearance contributed to his constantly getting into trouble. There are conflicting accounts of his prison chronology. By one account, his final term in custody ended in 1972; by another account, he did time in a juvenile offenders’ camp and six California prisons between 1959 and 1969.

He recalled that his last prison term was five years. While serving in San Quentin Prison, he became a champion boxer in that prison’s lightweight and welterweight divisions.

During this time, Trejo became a member of a twelve-step program, which he credits with his success in overcoming drug addiction. In 2011, he recalled that he had been sober for 42 years. From Danny Trejo — Wikipedia

Mr. Trejo’s rough origins and affinity for Boxing have given him the stature and acting chops to be one of Hollywood’s genuine tough guys.

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo, Hollywood tough guy and genuine movie star!

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What has Hollywood portrayed accurately?

Moses before Pharaoh
By Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout
When Hollywood makes a documentary, it is usually portrayed “somewhat” accurately – but if it is a movie “based on real events”, liberties may be taken to make the film more marketable and appealing to the target audiences.
In addition, the actual historic locations may have been updated or changed, so that the producers have to come up with a facsimile or alternative site for shooting parts of the film.  If you watch Charleton Heston as Moses in “The Ten Commandments” movie, many liberties were taken in “re-creating” ancient Egypt for the movie.
From the Web:
Keep in mind this is just my opinion, many of the directors and writers don’t have direct experience with the subject, due to age, distance, or lack of available information – which forces them to take artistic liberties with a story.
For an example, “Saving Private Ryan” had a lot of consultants (many veterans) for the recreation of the wartime scenes; some veterans were moved to tears from the reality of the D-Day landing on Normandy beach.
The fighting scenes were so real, that (IMHO), they overshadowed the story.  Hanks and Spielberg also collaborated on the WWII Museum in New Orleans, which also has a “Hollywood” touch, but is true to its mission.  (I have visited the museum and can vouch for its realistic feel.  If you go, see the movie they show first).
At best, Hollywood can only recreate a series of events.  Even with historians and written records, the lack of actual first-hand accounts and items lost to time, or worn out, make it necessary for the production company to improvise.  If that fits with the story, and it feels “real”, we can usually forgive some artistic license.
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